Word Training for Beginners

Microsoft Word Training for Beginners

Certificate of Introduction MS Word 2007

Course Overview

The Certificate of Introduction MS Word 2007 is an online professional development program that will equip you with the necessary skills and tools to be able to operate word processing functionality in a office support environment such as an administrative support officer or executive support officer.

Course Modules

  • Word Essentials
    • Navigating the screen
    • Opening a Document
    • Opening multiple documents
    • Switching via the Taskbar
    • Using the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Accessing Recent Documents list
  • Create a document
    • Click and type
    • Insert a date
    • Saving a Document
  • Spelling and Grammar
    • Spelling Options
    • Changing a Word
    • Grammar
    • Correcting as you type
  • Formatting Text
    • Selecting Text
    • Character/Font Formatting
    • Font Size
    • Changing case
    • Correcting Text as you type
  • Paragraph Formatting
    • Text alignment
    • Indents
    • Using the ruler for indents
    • Paragraph Spacing
    • Line Spacing
    • Adding Bullets or Numbers
    • Copying and Moving Text
  • Borders and Shading
    • Applying Borders
    • Customising Borders
    • Applying Shading
    • Text Borders
    • Page Borders
  • Tables
    • Inserting Tables
    • Changing Column Widths & Row Heights
    • Inserting a Column
    • Adding a Row
    • Text direction and Alignment
    • Merging and Splitting Cells
  • Automatic Formatting as you type
    • Ordinals and Fractions
    • Automatic Formats, Bullets and Numbers
    • Automatic Borders and Tables
  • Document Formatting
    • Margins
    • Landscape Printing
    • Page Breaks
    • Paper Size
  • Pictures
    • Inserting a Picture
    • Wrap text around Picture
    • Resizing a Picture

Course Format

All students will be provided with the workbooks, exams and working documents as part of the course.

Didn’t Pass? Try Again

Not everyone passes the course on their first go, but we don’t believe it to be fair to charge you again. We offer unlimited attempts to all our students. If you don’t pass all modules, simply keep trying. That’s our promise to you.