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Who are we and what do we stand for?

You’re probably wondering who are we and what we do right? Cut a long story short we are one of Canberra’s leading resume writing services.

My name is Andrew and I’m the founder of Flashpoint Training. Having spent nearly fifteen years (almost my entire working career) in the public service working in recruitment both at the state and federal level, I came across thousands of applicants who were denied the opportunity of an interview simply because a resume wasn’t up to scratch or that they didn’t structure their selection criteria responses properly. In the long-term, this has led to a vast number of applicants being appointed to their jobs on the basis of just being able to talk the talk.

It wasn’t until I met a young autistic man who couldn’t read and write but wanted to apply for a job with a Government department as a cleaner that I thought something had to be done. This client was required to answer seven selection criteria questions, yet he was perfectly able to perform the job but not write the criteria. I saw this as a great injustice to someone who was serious about their career, and as such Flashpoint Training was founded offering Australian job seekers the opportunity to invest in their careers by using a professional resume writing service that understands the challenges of recruitment.

My resume writing service offers more than just a resume, I offer high level support and work with my clients from start to finish throughout the entire recruiting process. So once you’ve submitted your application, I like to keep in touch until an outcome for your position has been finalised.

As an added bonus, free interview coaching is offered to all clients. This helps to fully maximise all opportunities for success.


Vision for the future

Through partnerships with various industries and training organisations, Flashpoint has its eye on the future to develop a one stop service for job seekers. We are proud to announce that soon will be the launch of two additional services where job seekers can access affordable training programs to further enhance their professional learning and development requirements whilst accessing our recruitment placement service and easier access to nationally recognised apprenticeships. Learn more about our Training Programs here.

You’d be amazed how many opportunities arise just by using the power of persuasive language. Why not give our resume writing services a go now and invest in your career today. Browse our resume writing packages here.

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Resume Writing Services

Get your resume noticed with our resume writing service specifically tailored to your needs no matter what stage you’re at in your career from being a student to executive.

Selection Criteria Writing Services

Selection Criteria Writing

Robust selection criteria responses crafted for maximum influence that generates results. Applications prepared for all levels of government and private sector roles.

Free Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching

Take charge of career prospects and sharpen your confidence and image with our one-to-one interview coaching sessions. Designed to give you the best chance possible.