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Where To Find The Best Jobs In 2016

Where To Find The Best Jobs In 2016

where to find the best jobs in 2016Knowing where to find the best jobs in 2016 can either make or break your job search strategy. Not only will a killer resume help, but knowing where to post your resume in 2016 will seriously help generate exposure.

As consumers, we are now moving away from the traditional weekend newspaper to look for a job and have began embracing all sorts of digital media platforms. Let’s look at the best ones you can use to find a job in 2016.


With over 250 million registered users, it’s no wonder LinkedIn is an absolute must for the most serious job seekers to find the best jobs in 2016. LinkedIn is what you make of it and it’s not just there to network. LinkedIn is swamped with business owners and recruiters alike. Your LinkedIn profile is also your online digital resume so make sure you complete your profile correctly and optimise it with keywords based on your skill set. See my previous post here (insert link) on how to write a killer LinkedIn summary.

wehere to find the best jobs 2016

Once you’ve created your profile, get in and start following companies that you’d like to work with. When positions become vacant, they’ll post the vacancies on LinkedIn. You can also set up email alerts and reminders when the types of roles you’re interested in become available.

Get started with LinkedIn here.


Over 40 million small businesses have an active Facebook account. So it’s no wonder that you should be following your favourite workplaces on Facebook. Unlike LinkedIn you won’t need to have an optimised profile, you can simply “follow” a business that you’re interested in working for. While active recruiting methods don’t take place on Facebook, it’s a great place to start to keep on top of vacancies by your favourite workplaces when they become available.


Obviously a no brainer but seek is still the number one go to website to find the best jobs in 2016. Unlike LinkedIn and Facebook, seek is purely an active job search method where recruiters and hiring managers connect with job seekers. Seek is purely database of vacant positions and its search results will depend on the location and keywords chosen by you, the job seeker.

Due to its popularity, seek would be the only place on the internet where I would advise any job seeker to keep checking on a daily basis.


Believe it or not but Google (insert link) as a whole can really assist you. As almost every single job website is indexed by the internet giant, Google allows you set up daily and weekly emails based on keywords. If you don’t already have one, get a Gmail account and set up daily or weekly alerts generated by Google. This will not only pick up jobs advertised on LinkedIn, but it will cover all sorts of postings from Monster, Like A Job, Seek and many others. This is a fantastic way to cover “everything”.

Government Gazettes

This process can be tedious, but it can really pay off if you put the time and energy into it. Depending on what level of government you want to work for, get onto the jobs posting site and set up email alerts based on the job type, location and particular department you want to work in. Then you’ll be notified by email when jobs in the categories you selected become available.

And one more thing, before you start positing your resume onto places like LinkedIn, Seek and others, make sure you get a professional opinion with helpful and constructive feedback. Remember, you only get one shot and you’ll want to make sure your resume is put in the interview pile, not the rubbish pile.

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