Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By engaging with Flashpoint Training you are consenting and agree to adhere to the established terms and conditions set forth by this business.

Privacy Policy

Flashpoint Training collects personal information from our clients in order to deliver the highest quality career documents. For ease of reference and to assist our clients in the modification of their documents, client personal data is held for twelve (12) months from the first point of contact. When this period has lapsed, Flashpoint erases all names, addresses’, phone numbers and referee contacts from our secure servers.

Flashpoint Training does not engage in the sharing of personal information or email addresses in any activity that is unrelated to the client’s job search strategy.

Payment Policy

At a minimum, 50% of the total value of the service is required as a deposit to begin writing all career documents, with the remaining balance to be paid upon completion of the documents.

Refund Policy

A full refund is provided when services have not been delivered within the agreed timeframe between Flashpoint Training and the client.
Refunds are permitted in the event when an advertised position has been withdrawn and not advancing any further in the recruitment stage. In this event, Flashpoint will require sufficient documentation as proof of evidence, at which point a full refund will be provided or at the consent of the job seeker, payment for services can be credited to another application for the same value.

Refunds are not provided in the event that the job seeker is not selected for interview.

Resume Rewrites and Edits

When working on a specific job application on behalf of the job seeker, additional edits and rewrites is inclusive in the fee. The free period for rewrites commences from delivery of the first resume until the closing date of the application.

If a job seeker has selected one of our four resume writing packages, all resume and cover letter application rewrites are valid from delivery of the first resume and valid for exactly two (2) months. Flashpoint Training reserves the right to extend this service if necessary.

Job Interview Coaching

Job interview coaching is a free service and offered to all clients when the job seeker has been invited for interview. The first five hourly sessions are provided free of charge, at which point an $80 per hour individual coaching fee is applied.