Professional Resume Writing Services – Platinum

Professional Resume Writing Services Platinum Package

Our professional resume writing services platinum package is our top tier option, providing an exceptional level of professional support for high end corporate officers and junior executives. The platinum package consists of a number of resumes, professional cover letter writing and much more. This service is tailored to suit your individual needs and aimed at getting the recruiters to come to you.

Who should use this service?

You should use the platinum package if you are:

  • Targeting multiple jobs at the same time either in the same or various industries.
  • Identified four or more jobs on mainstream job sites such as seek, monster and indeed.
  • Serious about career progression.
  • Looking to “test” the waters with recruiters.
  • Applying for jobs that require a written statement of capability, career summary and/or selection criteria.
  • Currently employed either as a high level corporate officer or junior executive.
  • Have more than 10 years experience in your field.
  • Currently earn a minimum of $85,000 per annum.

What you get

  • Four professional resumes.
  • Three professional application cover letters.
  • A career summary report.
  • Linked In profile.
  • All written responses to a statement of capability and selection criteria.
  • 2015 Recruitment Agency Directory.
  • Job board registration – we set up your profiles on seek, monster and indeed.
  • Unlimited edits and drafts of your documents.
  • Unlimited rewrites of your documents.
  • Interview coaching when selected for interview.

Professional Resume Writing Service - Platinum


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