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If you’re resume doesn’t appear to be working for you and your not getting results that you deserve then perhaps its time you engaged one of our professional resume writers and job search specialists.

We also provide assistance to candidates with how to write a resume from scratch using various resume formats and layouts. From the conception of your resume to execution, we strive to give you the best professional service possible so that your resume can generate results in your job search strategy.

Browse resume writing services and compare our packages to see which service offers YOU the best chance possible at becoming the most competitive for your next job application.

Flashpoint offers a flexible and diverse range of services for job seekers. Which service can we assist you with today?

Get A Resume

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Get your resume noticed with our resume writing service specifically tailored to your needs no matter what stage you’re at in your career from being a student to executive.

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Selection Criteria

Interview Coaching

Robust selection criteria responses crafted for maximum influence that generates results. Applications prepared for all levels of government and private sector roles.

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Interview Coaching

resume writing

Take charge of career prospects and sharpen your confidence and image with our one-to-one interview coaching sessions. Giving you the best chance possible.

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