--- Bullet point of your achievements and take them into the interview --- Brainstorm potential interview questions --- Write additional examples from your written application --- Prepare for interview in front of the mirror --- Practice body language --- And that's the wrap folks, but one more thing......"/>

Preparing for a job interview – 5 things you must do

preparing for a job interview

Preparing for a job interview, 5 things you MUST do beforehand

Preparing for a job interview can often take up valuable time, especially in this day and age when time is of the essence. It’s easy to get overwhelmed at the prospect of a job interview, and if you’re one of those people who tend to let nerves get the better of you, try following these 5 simple steps you can do to take control of the interview.

Bullet point of your achievements and take them into the interview

Your career achievements should already be in your resume or selection criteria but having a separate sheet of paper specifically outlining your career achievements helps to stop those dreaded memory lapses at interview.

Having a list of achievements at the ready can assist you to provide detailed responses when nerves kick in. Plan what you will write and be selective with your achievements and ensure they are relevant to the position that you are being interviewed for. A selection panel for a payroll officer is not going to be interested in your achievements in graphic design, if you get my drift.

Brainstorm potential interview questions

Prepare for your job interview by brainstorming a number of questions you think the selection panel is likely to ask. Have a look at the job description and write five or six questions you think the panel may ask, and develop your answers accordingly.

Don’t be afraid to seek external advice by asking friends or co-workers of likely interview questions. There’s every chance you won’t be asked the questions you prepared for, but in the event that you are asked (or of something similar), you want to ensure you have responses ready to go. Having an answer for any question asked by the selection panel demonstrates confidence and experience.

Write additional examples from your written application

If you won an interview through a written selection criteria process, look back at the questions and answers provided. Write down additional examples that you did not provide in your initial response so that you can elaborate further.

Having additional examples of the selection criteria reinforces your capability to do the job in a number of situations.

preparing for a job interview

Prepare for interview in front of the mirror

It sounds cheesy but this really does work. Practicing what you will say at the interview to yourself in front of a mirror at home lets you see how you will come across with your body language when you will be in the interview. Look at your body language and language and posture, are making good eye contact, how’s your tone and style?

Practice body language

Appropriate body language is key in any interview. Never sit with your arms folded, you don’t want to appear as closed off or defensive. Make sure your hands are visible and sit up right with both knees parallel to each other. And last but not least, ensure you maintain eye contact at all times with the interviewer or selection panel. Strong eye contact demonstrates confidence and agility which will weigh heavily in your favour.

And that’s the wrap folks, but one more thing……

By preparing for your job interview through these five easy steps you’ll make big progress in interviews if nerves have always taken over.

What have you done specifically at an interview that went well? Why not sure them with our community.

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