how to answer job interview questions

Job Interviews: Answers to tough questions

Job interviews. Answers to tough questions. Interviews are never easy, and there’s no right or wrong way on how to handle them either, but I can’t stress enough just how important it is for you to do your homework prior to the job. “Homework” I hear you say? That’s right, and it all depends how much you really want the job.

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How to write a professional resume

How to write a Professional Resume

I’ve written countless resumes for clients all over the years and have seen some very well crafted resumes, but the one thing that has often surprised me in my line of work is the number of people who are unsure of how to put together even the most basic of resumes.

A resume is not only a summary of your career history, or what you intend to achieve in the future, in short it is a profile, or snapshot for a better term of who YOU are as a professional. It outlines what you’ve gained in the educational sense, where you’ve been and where you’re going with your career.

Here are some essential tips for a professional resume.

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Career Tips to get you started for 2014

Welcome to 2014! This year, take control of your career, drive greater success, meaning, and intention to your work, and build your personal brand. Your brand as a person is attached to your reputation — it is an expectation others have of working with you. When you are perceived as someone who is compelling and relevant, opportunities follow!

Here are some great career tips to consider for your career in 2014:

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APS efficiency dividends means tougher competition

For over the last 18 months, the APS workforce has faced significant reductions across the entire federal public sector workforce. With the recruitment market still heavily volatile, thousands of suitable candidates are seeking employment and few positions have been advertised in the APS gazette. With job shortages in a pool of highly qualified candidates, competition into the APS public sector workforce is tighter than ever.

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